Opportunistic by Nature
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Colony Trading Co., Inc
Sometimes things really do fall off a truck or a leaky warehouse roof soaks a stack of shipping cartons, leaving their contents high and dry. A hot product might cool down overnight or update its label the day after a store has restocked it to the rafters. In all these cases and more, someone is left with a lot of perfectly good products that can no longer be sold or utilized within their intended market. What's to keep derailed or slightly damaged merchandise from going to the landfill or gathering dust on a company's valuable square footage? How can losses be minimized or turned around? Where would you even begin to try to locate someone who could benefit from the very thing you'd like to be rid of? Who are you going to call? Colony Trading, that's who!

Bernie Katz, Stuart Whitehead, and Tim Lewis are the salvage and liquidation specialists of Colony Trading who can turn mistakes, misfortune, and miscalculation into monetary gain by matching orphaned overstock merchandise and commodities to ideal alternative markets. "We're opportunists and we solve problems. We buy closeouts, end of season goods, and irregulars."

There's an army of people out there looking for merchandise. We know a little bit about many businesses and at least somebody in each of them.



Inventory Liquadators